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High Quality Marine Piers, Dock Systems, and Boat Lifts

Sixty Years of Marine Experience
Leads the Way...

Max Dock Systems has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last decade, by providing innovative lift and dock products, with high quality manufacturing standards, creating products that are safe, user friendly, and built to last.

Max's management team has over 60 years of marine experience combined, providing innovative solutions to the care and protection of today's sophisticated watercraft's.  Max is leading the way in new lift design, canopy coverage systems, safety featured accessories, in every model that protect you and your boating investment.

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Max Dock Boat Lift

Max's Tri-Cradle Lift - It Just Makes Sense

MVL70144 Pontoon / Boat Lift

Max’s MVL70144 lift is loaded with features you won’t find in any other lift currently on the market. It measures 14 ft. long and has and inside beam of 144 inches! It’s innovative Tri- Cradle, mirrors what trailer manufactures do when building trailers for today’s sophisticated hulls.

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