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LochDock Floating

Commercial Grade Floating Dock
at a Residential Price.

LochDock Floating

ABOVE: Two 4ft. x 12ft. Lochdock Sections side by side, attached using the QCS System. Two custom 4ft. x 4ft. Lochdock gangway sections attached with QCS connectors and double Max piano hinges on each side of gangway section.

Speed and Flexibility
Come Standard with
LochDock QCS LochDock's QCS Quick
Connect System

Lochdock QCS (Quick Connect System) offers tremendous flexibility in layout and design. Each section comes standard with a QCS male connector on the shore end of the dock and a female on the lake end. Pre-machined holes securely bolt this connection together at each section end on the floating system. Additional QCS connectors can be added to enhance your dock with triangles and platforms. The system is easier to install then traditional floating dock designs and the system's QCS connections makes add-ons easy and quick.

Lochdock delivers one of the finest walks you will ever find in a residential floating dock system...

Lochdock Floating

Lochdock floating sections are engineered with the same components used in commercial projects. Lochdock's six and one half inch tall side stringer provides the dock with a clean, fresh look and lends itself well to floating dock system applications. The exrta tall stringers houses a five inch tall engineered "Max Stack Frame" welded into place underneath to accomadate the Lochdock floats and to secure the Sure Step decking panels using stainless steel fastners. Lochdock floating is available up to 4feet wide and 20 feet long as a standard offering, but widths up to 6 feet wide are available for certain project applications. Contact your Authorized Max dock dealer to discuss your floating dock needs and plans.


Lochdock Floating

Dock Floats are manufactured from linear virgin polyethylene resin containing UV ray inhibitors and carbon black pigment to aid against ultra-violet deterioration. These resins offer a balance of rigidity, toughness, environmental stress crack resistance and cold temperature impact performance. Resin is also in compliance with the FDA title 21. Floats are constructed from a food grade material that is recycable and will not contaminate the waterways.

Floats are suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultra-violet light, water exposure, immersion and fire, in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratory class 746C and flame class UL-94HB. The encasements also meet the Hunt Falling Dart puncture and thickness test. Floats are rotationally molded for seamless, one piece construction. A Dock Float nominal wall thickness of .150 is standard on all encasements. Dock Floats are resistant to damage by ice, animals, bumps from watercraft and contact deterioration from petroleum products.

Lochdock Floating

Max Lochdock Floating is available with Eco friendly Vinyl Sure Step decking in either gray or tan decking color choices. The decking panels are water resistance, have a anti-slip surface and slotted panels this design allows water to rush quickly through the panels. The design also makes vinyl decking the environmentally friendly choice because it allows sunlight to penetrate the surface not effecting the waters naturally growing organisms.

Each panel is secured using stainless steel self tapping machine screws and the finished product provides a quality dock section with the benefits of vinyl decking. Sure-Step panel comes with a limited lifetime warranty and their unmatched non-skid properties make it the preferred choice for floating dock applications.

Lochdock Floating

Lochdocks Commercial Grade heavy duty extruded aluminum piano hinge was designed to carry a 100 pound per square foot dock rating. The design includes a PVC encased aluminum pin to separate the pin from the main extrusion so aluminum scalding can not occur which will prematurely wear out a hinge. It is also machined with hole patterns to easily bolt on to all Max dock lines and can be machined to custom lengths.

Lochdock Floating

Lochdock Floating Post Collars are another heavy duty extrusion from Max, before being welded together the collar is fitted with a PVC sleeve that the 2-3/8” diameter pipe with a heavy duty, .208 wall aluminum floating dock post rides on as water levels fluctuate. Lochdock Floating Post Collars can be mounted anywhere along the side of the Lochdock stringer or end caps. They can also be mounted inside the stringer, the floating dock pipe would then protrude from a whole drilled through the decking.

Lochdock Floating
Lochdock Floating

Lochdock Floating
can be configured for your projects specific needs or objectives.

Gangways, handrail systems, ramps and handicap kick rails can be added to meet your project requirements.

When designing a floating dock system remember each L or T and wing sectiion(s) will increase the stability of the dock in the water and is recommended when laying out a Lochdock floating system.
Whether you have a marina, campground, camp, dock rental slips, or personal docking needs, your Authorized Max Dealer can help you plan your Lochdock Floating System.

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