Tom Jacobs got his start working in the family’s successful aluminum extrusion business in Jackson, Michigan. After college, he joined the company full-time and continued to grow his knowledge of the business and the aluminum extrusion industry. Growing up on the lakes of Southern Michigan, Tom enjoyed boating and lake living. Installing the family dock led him to explore a better way of manufacturing docks. He found that the commonly used round pipe and cast aluminum cross-arm clamps and stringer brackets had a high failure rate in the water. He then set out to design and produce a better way of supporting dock.

Utilizing the strength of aluminum extrusions and their product development ingenuity, his team developed the now patented MAXLOC cross-arm system. The MAXLOC cross-arm forever changed the way docks were supported. It became the new standard for dock supports, and the cornerstone of his new company - MAX Dock Systems.



Max Designer


Expanding Max Docks through Innovation and Design

MAX Dock Systems has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last decade, and now offers three dock lines and a complete line of boat, pontoon, and personal watercraft lifts. Canopies for every lift, MaxSteps, and a multitude of accessories round out the product line. MAX has become a leader in dock and lift innovation and design, due in large part to having a full-time industrial designer on staff. This allows MAX to control the entire product development process, from conception to finished product.



Sophisticated Manufacturing and
Consistent Quality

Each new product is designed using sophisticated CAD software. Dimensional information for each component is used to create a program that will relay the information to one of the CNC mills. The CNC mill will then read the program, which indicates exactly where to put a hole, chamfer an edge, or make a cut to create exactly the same part, every time. This technology insures that all finished MAX products adhere to the high quality standards that MAX Dealers and their customer have come to expect.

We invite you to become a part of the MAX family of satisfied customers and experience first hand the quality, innovation, and pride that goes into every new MAX product.