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MAX Premier Custom was designed to be like no other dock on the market. Its radiused anodized six inch tall side stringer profile provides a sleek contemporary look with the added benefit of a double track system for installing accessories with out having to drill holes into the dock. It also allows for quick installation anywhere along the stringer for solar lighting, cleats, kayak racks and other accessories. The stringer extrusion was also designed to provide additional structural features increasing its rigidity and giving compariable spanning ability to antiquated truss designs.
Each Premier Custom System is built to order and the stringer design allows Max to free-span sixteen feet without additional supports enhancing the look of a Premier Custom System in the water.




What makes PREMIER premier?

Each Premier Dock Section starts with the stylish Premier anodized stringer the "MAX Stack Frame" superstructure is then laid into position with the aid of a specialized jig, which assures each structural support stays square and true, before the entire frame is welded together. These specially designed support extrusions have extra walls designed into the tubes to increase the strength of each extrusion and machined pockets allow the extrusion to lock together to produce a strong rigid framework for the decking to then be attached. The end result is a dock system that many have compared to walking on a cement sidewalk.


Premier is available with ThruFlow® vinyl decking, this anti-skid decking is a popular choice and is available in Tan, Gray or White. The panels inner-lock using a male-female connection to assure panels are uniform in height. Each panels has recessed pockets for panel attachment, Max uses stainless steel marine fastners to secure each panel into the full length heavy duty stack frame extrusion underneath the panel.



Max Premier Anodized panels are the other decking option on your Premier Custom System. Aluminum anodized panels are each individually welded into place within the jig, which spaces the panel to allow air flow between the anodized panels. Along with the spaced panel the natural cooling properties of the anodization process will keep the deck cooler even on the hottest summer day.


What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance free finish. Anodizing is accomplished by immersing the aluminum into an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through the medium, creating a highly controlled oxidation that seals the surface which in turn creates the satin milky looking aluminum finish.

Many manufacturers do not offer this product option because of the added expense of handling and extra care needed to produce an anodized dock. If your looking for the finest built aluminum dock then Max Anodized Dock Sections are what you should invest in.

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Each Premier Custom System
can be installed using Premier post collars with poles and augers or Premier MAXStands with standard extra long concealed stringer brackets and two diagonal braces, creating one of the strongest support systems on the market. At your request Max will also custom machine names or places into the optional anodized end cap creating a distinct meaningful identifier visible from the water.



Premier Premier Custom utilizes the track system to attach sections together when adding dock triangles or platform layouts. Max machines the "Premier Track Clamp" to easily connect the stringers together, a "Lucky Seven" anodized trim piece finishes the top edge leaving no gaps in the walking surface. Premier
Max Premier Custom triangle ThruFlow tan
docking install on Premier Custom dock system.

Premier dock layouts can be configured to fit your needs and wants. Below are some ideas of how you can layout your Premier Custom Dock System. Visit your Max Authorized dock dealer who can help you plan your
Premier Custom Dock System.

Dock Layouts