Introducing Lochdock PLUS

LDPF414 4' x 14' Lochdock PLUS Floating Dock
LDPF414 4' x 20' Lochdock PLUS Floating Dock

Lochdock PLUS is new to the Lochdock family of dock. The PLUS stringer features a new integral tube extruded into the profile for additional strength. This is desirable for longer sections used in MAX Floating and Roll-In systems. This design also allows Lochdock Plus to be offered in wider sections than basic Lochdock. An anodized finish on the stringers is standard, adding to the durability, corrosion resistance, and enhacned appearance.

LDPF514 5' x 14' Lochdock PLUS Floating Dock
LDPF520 5' x 20' Lochdock PLUS Floating Dock

Lochdock PLUS is also available in 5' wide or custom 8' wide versions, which promote better stability and a wider walkway, greatly enhancing the safety and usefulness of your system. Gangways are offered in all widths, and include MAX's heavy duty Piano Hinge on both ends, as well as one helper float. The lochdock PLUS stringer, with it's hollow tube design, also lends itself very well to commercial systems of nearly any size, due to it's increased rigidity. Commercial graed strength and quality adds to the elegance of Lochdock PLUS. All Lochdock and Lochdock PLUS welded frames carry a 5-year structural warranty.

Lochdock PLUS features Genovations® extruded plank decking, Sure-Step® or Titan® grated decking, or anodized aluminum decking options.

All are exceptional choices that offertheir own unique style and benefits. Whether you're looking for a grated or solid surface decking option, Lochdock PLUS has a choice that will suit your needs.