Your boat, the investment -

a Max Lift, the security.

MVL60122, MVL70122 Vertical Lifts

MAX's MVL60122 and MVL70122 VL Pro Lift models include all the features you will find throughout the MAX lift line and more. They're outiftted with CNC machined, precision welded cradles, Nylatron® pulleys with zerk greasing, stainless steel levling cables, and heavy duty aluminum extrusions. In this lift class, the cradle bed extrusions are taller at 6" in height, both for strength and the house the oversized pulleys. Larger pulleys reduce the wear on the cable, extending it's service life. All cables diameters are increased to 3/8", for increased lifting strength, and the main lifting cable is the same style used in tow trucks.

Additional welded supports are found in the tower frames of the MVL60122 and MVL70122, and the MVL70122 sports larger tower and spreader plates. These lifts are the prfect choice for today's bigger triple tube pontoons and wakeboards boats.