MAX Cantilever PWC Lift

The Max Cantilever PWC Lift is an ideal choice for today’s longer, heavier, and multiple person Personal Watercrafts.

*Max's Personal Water-Crafts lifts "vinyl-over-aluminum" bunk system is designed to offer a great platform for your water vehicle to rest on. The aluminum bunk extrusion offers just enough flex, conforming to your PWC's hull shape. The vinyl extrusion contacts your hull providing better damage protection over carpeted wood bunks. The width between the bunks can be adjusted from 23"-30" by adjusting the hinge extensions not found on other PWC lifts.

*All pulleys are self-lubricating Nylatron, and a dependable 1200 lb Dutton Lainson winch operates the lift, assuring smooth operation for years to come.

*The oversized 1/4” cable is routed through our exclusive Pulley Bar, which provides a simple, direct route for the cable, minimizing friction and allowing for easier lifting. The bar also protects the front of the machine from contacting the cable if loaded too far forward, preventing possible damage.

*The hinges are angled, unlike competitors’ straight hinges, providing a more stable platform for the wave runner or jet ski. With a lift travel of 45”, and leg height adjustment of up to 18”, your PWC will stay dry and secure.

MAX Cantilever PWC Lift
MAX Cantilever PWC Lift Specs