Standard Signature
Standard Dock Model Decking
MAX Stack Frame
STD310-AZ Anodized Aluminum 118" 35.25" 70 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD410-AZ Anodized Aluminum 118" 47.25" 93 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD310-TG Thru Flow Vinyl (Gray) 119.625" 48.25" 85 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD410-TG Thru Flow Vinyl (Gray) 119.625" 48.25" 109 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD310-TT Thru Flow Vinyl (Tan) 119.625" 48.25" 85 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD410-TT Thru Flow Vinyl (Tan) 119.625" 48.25" 109 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD310-TW Thru Flow Vinyl (White) 119.625" 48.25" 85 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES
STD410-TW Thru Flow Vinyl (White) 119.625" 48.25" 109 lbs. MAXloc or MAXstands YES

Specifications may change without notice, vinyl panel weights may vary. Custom lengths and widths are available.
Contact your local Max dealer for full details.

Max Standard Signature dock has the same high quality features of Max Standard dock with the added esthetic appeal of anodized stringers in the vinyl decking dock and anodized stringers and aluminum walk panels in the all aluminum dock.

What is Anodizing?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, maintenance free finish. Anodizing is accomplished by immersing the aluminum into an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electric current through the medium, creating a highly controlled oxidation that seals the surface which in turn creates the satin milky looking aluminum finish.

Many manufacturers do not offer this product option because of the added expense of handling and extra care needed to produce an anodized dock. If your looking for the finest built aluminum dock then Max Anodized Dock Sections are what you should invest in.

Most Docks Just Don't
Stack Up...

Standard Signature Dock

Each Signature section starts with a heavy duty extruded, anodized stringer designed specifically for each tread panel that makes up the walking surface, be it anodized aluminum or vinyl decking. A Aluminum "MAX Stack Frame" superstructure of double hollow, triple hollow or single hollow tubing is fitted within the stringers to support the panels, adding tremendous strength and rigidity to the dock section. The Max Stack Frame superstructure is a critical step in producing a high quality dock which last for decades and produces an exceptional walk and secure feel.

Max Stack Frame Superstructure

Standard Signature Dock Standard Signature Dock

Max Anodized Finish aluminum dock provides durability, strength and a firm walking surface and is the perfect choice, when your looking for a aluminum decking option. Max welds each individual panel to the superstructure to assure a rattle free walk, each panel is also spaced to allow air flow between the panels to keep the walking surface cool on hot summer days.

When compared to tongue and groove solid aluminum panels with no spaces for the heat to dissipate and noisier non-welded panels you can see why Max is the best choice when choosing an aluminum dock system.


Standard Signature Dock

Thru Flow An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Max Vinyl decking docks have grown in popularity over the last decade because of the decking panels water resistance, anti-slip surface and slotted design. The slotted design also allows water to flow through the panels protecting your dock from being lifted up and potentially damaged during storms or flooding on lake and river systems. The design also makes vinyl decking the environmentally friendly choice because it allows sunlight to penetrate the surface not effecting the waters naturally growing organisms.

Standard Signature Dock Standard Signature Dock

Max Standard Signature Vinyl Dock features ThruFlow® grated panels and comes in either three foot or four foot widths with three panel color choices to choose from including tan, gray or white. The ten foot long anodized finished stringer utilizes a series of triple hollow tubes combined with two beefy full length supports that add rigidity to the dock and provides one of the best walks you will fine in a four inch tall dock stringer system.

Each panel is attached using stainless steel self tapping machine screws so decking is secure and rattle free. The non-skid properties of ThruFlow® decking provides a great walking surface and all the for mentioned benefits associated with a slotted deck vinyl. Just like all of Max Standard dock products Maxlocs or Maxstand provide the perfect support system for each section, Max offers a complete complimentary line of accessories including Max universal triangles, platforms,bumpers, cleats and solar lighting that can be added to complete your dock-scape. Go To: Max Dock Accessories

See your local Max dealer to configure your new dock today.

Standard Signature dock can be configured for whatever your needs may be. Platforms can create a spacious patio on the water, triangles make busy traffic areas easy to manuever through, and a great place for MaxSteps. Slip style layouts can make boarding your boat or pontoon easier especially when parking your boat or pontoon on your Max lift.
Visit your Max Authorized dock dealer who can help you plan your
Max Signature Dock System.

Dock Layouts