VL PRO 2500 LB Vertical Lift

The Max VL Pro 2500 LB Vertical Lift is an ideal choice for small runabouts, jet boats, fishing boats, catamarans, paddle boats, small pontoon boats, or small sailboats.

*The industry leading 122” wide beam inside the towers makes docking your boat easy, and leaves plenty of space for bumpers or guides, which provide better protection for your watercraft and easier boarding.

*All leveling cables are made of stainless steel, all pulleys are self-lubricating and/or greasable, assuring smooth operation for years to come.

*The frame of the lift is v-shaped, unlike competitors’ straight bracing, allowing easy access to your boat from the dock. With a lift travel of 60”, your boat will stay dry and secure.

*Select from several choices of bunks to fit any application. Add a Stordry Canopy for the ultimate overall protection for your watercraft.

*If you’re looking for the easiest lift operation, Max offers a complete line of electric winch power that will save time and effort when using your new lift.

VL PRO 2500 LB Vertical Lift
VL PRO 2500 Specs
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