VL PRO 6000 LB Vertical Lift

The Max VL Pro 6000 LB Vertical boat or pontoon lift is a great choice for that cruiser or aft cabin boat, large wakeboard boat, or that triple tube pontoon loaded with options. This lift features the VL Pro’s 122” inside width, a sturdy 6” tall cradle bed, custom Lorenz winch, and V-shaped towers for easy boat access.

*With a longer 11’ 5” overall length, the VL Pro 6000 Vertical Lift provides a larger water “footprint”, which helps to eliminate twisting that occurs in other brands of lifts.

*All lift components are precisely machined to exact standards to assure smooth operation. All pulleys and cables are easily accessible through machined pockets, for easy maintenance or replacement.

*Main tower uprights are manufactured from 1/4” thick aluminum extrusion, and the cradle beds are angled for better hull support and shallow water operation.

*Optional 12’ walk-on guide-ons will make boarding taller crafts easier, and protect your hull when loading or unloading your boat from the lift.

*Stainless Steel, hydraulically crimped leveling cables, self lubricating nylatron pulleys on greasable pulley shafts with zerk fittings, and a dependable Lorenz winch using a galvanized lifting cable assure smooth operation for years to come.

*Vinyl bunks custom designed for heavier loads will provide the ultimate platform for your watercraft to safely rest upon, and their “wood free” design means much less maintenance.

*Add a Max Stordry Canopy System for all weather protection of your craft’s interior and exterior appearance.

*Electric winch power is a must on a large boat lift. Your Max Dealer can help you choose the right lift motor package so that you can quickly take your boat off the lift for a day of fun.

VL PRO 6000 LB Vertical Lift
VL PRO 6000 Specs
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